Why are Waste Manifests Needed?

What is a Hazardous Waste Manifest

The waste manifest is a documented form which illustrates and tracks a waste from the time it leaves the generator’s facility until it arrives at an off-site disposal or management facility.

The waste manifest provides evidence that the generator properly disposed of its wastes and that no wastes are unaccounted for. The waste manifest document has three to four pages. The waste manifest must be filled out by the generator accurately reflecting what, as well as the quantity of waste that is being removed from the generator’s site.

The generator or its agent will sign the manifest. The transporting company will also sign the manifest at the time of pick up. The generator must keep one copy. The transporter will then transport and deliver the waste to the disposal or management facility. The will then sign the manifest showing that the waste was delivered to the appropriate location. The final copy of the last signature by the waste facility is mailed back to the original generator, showing that delivery of its waste was received as expected.

It is important, for many reasons, to keep the copies of your manifests for evidence and proof of proper disposal procedures.