The Protect Way

  The world of environmental services can be a complicated place.  It encompasses areas of industry such as workplace chemical exposure levels, waste management, pollution control, emergency response, contingency planning, and site remediation.  Successful contractors have to be well versed in all these areas and more.  They also have to realize that each client is unique, and so are their environmental needs. Since 1996, Protect Environmental Services has been dedicated to handling the needs of our clients in a safe, lawful, and cost effective manner.  There’s no mystery why Protect is a preferred contractor for state agencies like the Texas Department of Transportation and the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, along with countless municipalities and businesses.  Our professional and experienced staff take your needs seriously .  We know that delays, mistakes or miscalculations can cost our clients more than money; they can cost lives. We take pride in doing the job right and communicating effectively with our clients to ensure they receive the best outcome possible.  Feel free to contact our office by phone or email to find out how Protect Environmental can improve your environmental services experience.