The Ever Changing World of Environmental Services

Like most industries, environmental services are constantly changing.  New regulations, emerging technologies, and evolving client demands mean that environmental contractors should always be adapting.   Additional methods for removing and remediating surface and soil contamination sometimes enter the market, but they aren’t universally applicable.  Each spill situation is different, so there’s no one-size-fits-all solution to handling chemical spills and waste disposal. At Protect Environmental, we work with a wide variety of tools to get the job done, and utilize the equipment and methods that best fits the need.  Depending on what was spilled and where, the best equipment and methods could include recovery scrubbers, street sweepers, pressure washers, oil skimmers, front end loaders or vac trucks. We put our clients’ needs first, and they count on us to find the methods that will solve their environmental problems economically and efficiently.  Once an emergency response call reaches our office, our staff ask for information about the spill.  We then quickly assess what needs to arrive on site, knowing that sending unnecessary equipment and personnel wastes time and adds expense to the cleanup. Even with some advanced knowledge of what we’re walking into, emergency response situations can be complicated and dangerous.  We’ve handled thousands of spills in the twenty-two years that Protect has been responding to HazMat incidents, so we always maintain a mindset of preparedness and caution.  In the past, our clients have trusted us with the safe handling and disposal of extreme hazards such as acids, oxidizers, flammables, caustics, explosives, numerous unknown chemicals, picric acid, medical wastes, and Ebola contaminated materials. Specialized equipment can speed up recovery operations, but a machine only works well if it has a knowledgeable operator.  The most important asset we have at Protect is our staff.  Their unequaled training, experience in the environmental field, and client oriented outlook and focus has made Protect the number one contractor for manufacturers, local governments, state agencies, and countless small businesses. We encourage you to contact our office by phone or email to find out how Protect can help you tackle your environmental needs.