Environmental Services Texarkana

Protect Environmental Services has been helping the people and businesses of Texarkana for over 25 years.  Emergencies happen and Protect will be there to help when they do.  Our Protect team is always standing by for you so please contact us at any time.

Spill cleanup services in DFW

Texarkana Fuel, Oil, & Chemical Spill Cleanup

The Protect team is ready to help cleanup in fuel, oil or chemical spill in Garland. We are available 24-7 for emergencies 24-7.

Our team also gives free estimates for non-emergency situations. 

Unknown wastes, routine waste streams and one time only waste disposal are a problem for many of our clients. We are known for offering the lowest prices for waste removal and disposal due to our large volume of work. We pass our discounts onto our clients. 

We have Coronavirus decontamination teams working around the clocking all over Texas. Our Dallas & Fort Wteams have a lot of experience so we can help you get back to normal quick. Protect is known for providing the best service at the best prices. Schedule your free consultations.