Taking Responsibility for Spills

Protect understands that when an accident involving a chemical spill occurs the individual or company in procession of the material may not fully realize the extent of their responsibility for the cleanup.  Protect Environmental steps in for clients who find themselves facing daunting cleanups and with eighteen years of experience we have the knowledge and equipment necessary to ensure that the responsible party meets their legal obligations.

Regardless of whether the incident occurs on a public roadway or on a company’s premises, the responsibility typically falls on the entity that had custody of the chemical when it spilled. The law states that this entity is considered the responsible party and must ensure proper cleanup of a spill even if the accident that caused the spill may not necessarily be their fault.  The responsible party is liable to pay for the containment, cleanup and disposal of all the material released during the incident in addition to the costs for restoring the site to its original, uncontaminated state.

Cleanup of multi-vehicle wreck
Cleanup of multi-vehicle wreck

Since these cleanups can require an enormous amount of resources it may be tempting to some individuals to try to cover up a spill or unauthorized chemical release.  If a spill is ignored or otherwise unreported and not properly cleaned up by the responsible party; local, state and federal environmental agencies will become involved when the contamination is discovered.  Companies and individuals who break the law by not reporting and responding to chemical spills could face fines and jail time on top of the expense of the cleanup.  The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality issued 2,182 administrative orders in 2013 with a total of 12.4 million dollars in penalties.

The potential consequences of mishandling a chemical release can put a company out of business or lead to serious injury so Protect Environmental uses trained professionals who keep detailed logs of all cleanup operations for our clients. We provide documentation and photographs that keep our clients in a legally defensible position against lawsuits and fines. We also work every day to ensure that we are up to date with all aspects of HAZ-MAT spill response in order to provide our customers with the best all-around service.  Since chemical spills can occur at any time, our personnel are on call and ready to respond to emergencies day or night, 365 days a year.