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Protect’s Hazardous Waste Disposal Services

At Protect Environmental we believe that knowledge is critical to waste management and spill response.  If your company generates hazardous waste, universal waste or other regulated waste you must comply with stringent EPA and DOT guidelines when disposing of these wastes.  Generators in the state of Texas must also comply with regulations established under Title […]

What Happens When You Call Protect Environmental for an Emergency

Tractor trailers crisscross the country day and night carrying every product imaginable.  The companies that own and operate these trucks strive for excellent safety records but accidents can happen on the roadways at any time.  Fuel, engine fluids and the cargo being transported can all be spilled when one of these trucks is involved in […]

Spring Cleaning

April is here and it’s time for spring cleaning. Do you have a buildup of waste(s) that needs disposal? Don’t let it pile up anymore!! Call Protect to start your spring cleaning project today! Do you know that waste disposal and storage of hazardous waste have a deadline for storage? You only have 90 days […]