Start the New Year with Protect

Each new year brings new challenges and in the world of environmental health and safety there is no end to the challenges that safety and compliance professionals face.  Whether its at a healthcare facility or an industrial manufacturing complex, the demands of the job require partners that can assess the client’s needs, formulate cost effective strategies and manage smooth implementation.  Protect Environmental is proud to be a contractor that provides comprehensive emergency response and waste disposal solutions for countless clients all over the state of Texas. Since 1996 our focus has been on hazardous materials management and environmental cleanups.  Our response teams are trained to handle numerous types of situations that require specialized knowledge and equipment.  From confined space operations to biological hazard cleanups, our technicians are able to meet your company’s needs 24/7.  We respond to emergency events every day of the year because we know every second of down time matters to our clients’ bottom line. The most important thing you get when you partner with Protect Environmental is exceptional customer service.  Our staff strive to provide an open line of communication and are always willing to help answer any questions we can about how a cleanup is conducted and where waste materials are disposed of afterward.  We prepare detailed reports for each spill and wastes are always sent to properly licensed facilities that provide documentation.  This level of thoroughness lets our clients know that they are safe from penalties from state and federal regulators. Managing safety and compliance is a difficult and necessary job.  It means looking after the well being of the company, the employees and the environment.  It doesn’t have to be done alone; however.  Let 2017 be the year that Protect Environmental made your job a little easier so give us a call or email today.