Standing by for You


Almost any company can have a chemical spill and while some very large companies may have their own internal HazMat response teams, it is not cost effective for smaller or medium sized firms to have trained personnel and equipment on standby in case of an accidental fuel or chemical spill.  Protect Environmental was founded in 1996 to meet the needs of clients who could potentially face the repercussions of a chemical spill but don’t have the resources available to handle the subsequent cleanup and waste disposal on their own.

        When a chemical spill occurs, it’s crucial to make every minute count so Protect Environmental hazardous materials emergency response teams are on call day and night, every day of the year.  We partner with trusted equipment and transportation contractors to ensure the right people and tools are on site as soon as possible to expedite the cleanup and keep costs at a minimum.  Any waste materials that are generated are disposed of at facilities that are licensed and manage wastes properly.

Federal, state and local environmental laws are intended to protect public health and ensure a clean environment for future generations but these laws can be complex.  They may seem daunting to someone who is unfamiliar with complying with cleanup and waste disposal requirements.  Since we see the technical and legal aspects of spills and work within the parameters of these laws on a daily basis, Protect staff can provide the expertise necessary to keep responsible parties and waste generators compliant. 100_0515 A wide range of organizations have called on Protect Environmental Services to meet their environmental needs including TXDOT, the TCEQ, hospitals, non-profits, trucking firms, oil and gas drillers, building contractors and airports.    Our HazMat teams have been responding to spills for 18 years and our staff is eager to connect with companies that are interested in making Protect Environmental a part of their contingency planning.  We can respond to your emergency either way but having a contract in place prior to a chemical or biohazard incident means Protect Hazmat resources can mobilize immediately and mitigate further damage.  Companies that partner with Protect can rest assured that we’ll always be standing by to help even if they never need us. .