Spring Cleaning

April is here and it’s time for spring cleaning. Do you have a buildup of waste(s) that needs disposal? Don’t let it pile up anymore!! Call Protect to start your spring cleaning project today! Do you know that waste disposal and storage of hazardous waste have a deadline for storage? You only have 90 days to remove and transport your wastes to the final disposal facility? Waiting any longer could subject you to risks of receiving violations!! Did you know that the longer you store wastes, especially during the” Texas” heat; you risk the stability of your container? Is your waste a fire hazard or safety concern? Do you have the right container for the material its holding? Imagine the savings of disposing of your waste now vs. violations, possible spill cleanup due to container failure possible property damage, safety and health injuries and insurance claims! Check your contingency plan for procedures and timelines on your waste disposal requirements. Spring is just another great time to review your policies, check your contingency hazmat team to see if they are still in business. If you have any doubts or concerns… STOP… Call Protect to assist you today. You don’t have to worry any further. Protect Environmental Services, Inc. has been in the environmental industry since 1996 under one owner and one federal ID number. We have earned the highest honors and complements in regards to our service. Let us know if we can assist you today! • emergency and non-emergency response • environmental remediation and excavation • illegal dumping removal and disposal • confined space operations and standby rescue • hazardous, non-hazardous and bio-hazardous disposal • facility and trailer decontamination • dismantling services • UST removal • drum, cylinder or vessel damage If you would like additional information or need emergency assistance, please contact us at: 1-817-589-9005