Spill Waste Management

Businesses that store and use chemical products during their operations are at risk of having a spill but even companies that don’t use traditional chemical products may still be at risk.  Vehicles, forklifts and other power equipment contain fluids such as oils, battery acid and fuels that can pose varying levels of hazard when spilled during an accident.  While it may seem like an unlikely event, the prevalence of spill-able chemical materials in the workplace makes the need for an emergency cleanup a possibility for many organizations. Once a chemical spill occurs, an emergency cleanup needs to be initiated.  Employees on site who are trained can begin containment procedures while a HazMat contractor mobilizes to orchestrate the cleanup.  When you call Protect Environmental for you emergency, our trained technicians quickly contain and remove the spilled chemical and other materials that may have been contaminated including soil, packaging and other debris. During the cleanup process, the recovered chemical, contaminated solids and spill cleanup materials typically become wastes and require proper disposal.  The requirements for disposal can vary and will depend on the type of material spilled.  Chemical products that are a listed hazardous waste are still considered hazardous after a spill.  Absorbents, soil, PPE and other spill cleanup materials that are contaminated with the product will be classified as hazardous as well. On the other hand, characteristic hazardous products may no longer be considered hazardous when they are removed from a spill site.  Due to a change in characteristics some flammable or corrosive products can be safely disposed of as non-hazardous wastes after solidification or dilution during a cleanup.  Other characteristic wastes; however, will need laboratory testing to determine whether the waste generated during a spill is hazardous or not. Disposing of spill wastes if an often overlooked part of an emergency cleanup.  Even when the cleanup itself meets TCEQ expectations, the improper disposal of wastes can lead to penalties against the responsible party.  When you rely on Protect Environmental to handle your emergency spill response needs, you can rest assured that the cleanup and disposal of wastes will meet all regulatory requirements.  We provide our clients with detailed reporting and disposal documents that allow them to move forward with confidence after a spill. Accidents can happen at any workplace but they don’t need to be a disaster for a business.  Protect Environmental specializes in emergency cleanups and our staff can manage the the operation from beginning to end no matter how small or large.  We work hard to get the job done fast and right so contact our office today for more information if you want Protect to be on your side during a spill .