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From our headquarters in the Dallas Forth Worth Metroplex, Protect Environmental Services provides emergency response and environmental remediation services for all North and Central Texas. In addition, Protect is a registered responder for ChemNet and has contracted with virtually all national spill coordinators that service the Southwestern Region of the United States.

Hazmat Cleanup Dallas

Emergency Hazmat Response for the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. Protect Environmental Services provides emergency response and environmental remediation services for all of Dallas.

Hazmat Cleanup Arlington

Protect is a registered responder for ChemNet and has contracted with virtually all national spill coordinators that service the Southwestern Region of the United States. Protect works with hundreds of companies in Arlington Texas.

Hazmat Cleanup Fort Worth

Over 25 years ago Protect Environmental Services built our business protecting Fort Worth Texas. Shortly thereafter, Protect’s hazardous materials environmental services and emergency response expanded throughout the North Texas area.


Click on your city below to learn more about the Hazardous Materials Response we provide in your area. Protect Environmental Services provides emergency response and environmental remediation services for the surrounding North Texas areas.

Your Businesses Environmental Services Responsibility

Environmental Management SystemAll businesses generating hazardous waste must follow the EPA’s regulations to dispose of the waste properly. Some industries include businesses, from dry cleaners and hospitals to exterminators and industrial facilities. As a business owner, it is your responsibility to develop an Environmental Management System (EMS) that takes all hazardous waste into consideration. Developing a comprehensive plan will help you identify essential EPA requirements and create appropriate environmental solutions. Protect Environmental Services can help you create

Hazardous Waste

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Choosing the right Hazardous Waste Company is extremely important. Hazardous materials pose a threat to human health and the environment, thus proper management and disposal should be practiced. Hazardous wastes are wastes that cannot be disposed of in regular trash or in the sewer systems. These wastes must undergo certain processes to ensure environmental safety. It is a good thing there are experienced professional hazmat companies that you can count on to handle your company’s hazardous waste cleanup and disposal. Unfortunately, the question is, how will you know if you have chosen an experienced and professional hazmat company? Have you selected a Hazmat Company that could get your business in trouble that would Initiate Enforceable Actions from the TECQ or OSHA? There is also a lot of price gouging that happens in the Environmental Services Industry.

Provided below are multiple resources for you to research a hazmat company for your emergency response clean up requirements. Protect Environmental enjoys a proven record of accomplishment and an extensive list of existing client relationships, including the covered Texas Commission on Environmental Quality and TxDot contracts across Texas. Protect has operated under the same name and EIN since opening its doors in 1996. .

How to Review Environmental Hazardous Material Cleanup Companies

In an emergency response, to avoid tremendous chaos, violations, fines, and litigation, a business must do their homework. Hazmat or environmental websites for different hazmat companies can often be misleading or outright false, as well as verbal representations. If your company requires waste or emergency services, it is important to hire qualified, experienced, knowledgeable, reasonable, and honest emergency response companies.

You can verify if the Hazmat company has ongoing or past violations on the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) website.

How to review environmental hazardous material cleanup companies
Check Texas HUB Status Hazardous Materials Companies
Selecting a Qualified Environmental Services Hazmat Company
Check Texas Franchise Tax Account Status for Hazmat Companies

Verify that the Vendor is the Most Qualified Emergency Hazmat Responder to Avoid Costly Mistakes and Fines

During emergency responses, several factors should be considered to ensure the safety of both the people and the environment. It is essential to hire an experienced and qualified environmental hazardous material cleanup company to manage the response. Choosing the right responder could be challenging. Having an inexperienced company in an emergency response may result from having small mistakes multiply into huge, and disastrous consequences. We recommend verifying their franchise tax status.

Emergency Hazmat Responder

Protect Environmental Services Inc., an emergency Hazmat Responder business, is recognized by the States of Texas Historically Underutilized Business by meeting the eligibility requirements for the HUB.

Protect Environmental Services Inc., focuses on providing quality emergency response hazmat service to ensure the safety of its customers at all times.


Protect Environmental Service Emergency Hazmat Responder HUB Status

Protect Environmental Services Works Diligently and Successfully to Comply With the Environmental Protection Agency

Protect Environmental Services Inc. has handled over 10,000 incidents across the State of Texas with zero injuries or lost-time accidents. Specializing in Emergency Spill Response, Confined Space and Rescue Operations, Hazardous Waste Disposal and Management, Biomedical Hazardous Waste Cleanup and Disposal, Fuel Spill Cleanup Emergency Response, Environmental, and Water and Soil Remediation, Protect Environmental Services Inc., commits itself to continue practicing the latest techniques to ensure the environment and people’s safety.

As a “Preferred Contractor” with the Environmental Insurance Adjustors, Protect Environmental Services is recognized as an expert. Insurance companies have faith in the quality of services offered by Protect Environmental as our team is composed of well-trained and experienced professionals. Trusted as a Preferred Contractor, insurance companies contract services offered by Protect Environmental for their customers.

Protect Environmental Services is a woman-owned Business Enterprise that is founded in 1996. Protect services are certified for Hazardous Waste Collection Services, Non-Hazardous Waste Treatment and Disposal, Environmental Remediation Services, and all other Miscellaneous Waste Management Services. Professional service crews of Protect Environmental Services undergo extensive training as defined by law to ensure the safety of our employees and allow us to quickly and effectively address environmental service clean up and service response.

Contact us at any time 24-7 and connect with the Protect team on LinkedIn to learn more about us and what we do.

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We have compiled a list of terms and definitions to assist you in understanding the environmental services industry definitions, concepts, and terminology. These terms are necessary to understand when it comes to hazmat clean up.