Protect Environmental: Inclusive Emergency Response and Waste Management Services

Most companies, to one degree or another, transport, handle or store chemical products.  The presence of these chemical products means that the possibility of a spill exists as well.  Managers at small businesses with a handful of employees may not face the same level of risk that large industrial companies do, but they can still find themselves suddenly trying to cope with a HazMat spill.  Without prior planning, the scramble to contain and clean up hazardous chemicals can become a dangerous and costly endeavor. When a spill occurs, whether the material is a fuel, a cleaning compound or an adhesive, it will need to be handled in a safe manner by trained employees.  The product’s chemical characteristics can vary widely and so will the precautions that need to be taken.  Spilled materials can catch fire, give off harmful vapors or burn employees exposed to them.  The ability to assess the hazards of any given chemical and form a containment plan is key to conducting a cleanup without any injuries.   Having untrained or otherwise unprepared employees engage in a HazMat cleanup not only puts them at risk but the company as well.  The National Safety Council estimates that when an employee is injured and requires medical treatment, the average cost to their employer exceeds $40,000.  This does not include any property damage costs, OSHA fines and litigation that may also arise after an employee is injured while handling hazardous materials.  All these expenses can quickly add up and a single, serious employee injury can be mean bankruptcy for many small businesses. Even if a hazardous chemical doesn’t spill, many companies find themselves needing to remove old, outdated chemical products and dispose of them.  The regulations governing the transportation and disposal of chemical wastes can be complex.  Mishandling wastes could also lead to spills, injuries and penalties from OSHA and the EPA. The best way to mitigate the hazards associated with the use and disposal of dangerous chemicals is to partner with a competent contractor who can manage your emergency response and waste needs.  Protect Environmental has been doing this for our clients since 1996 and we offer the full spectrum of services.  When your company has a spill, we can dispatch teams 24/7 to contain and clean up the material.  When you need to dispose of old hazardous products or universal wastes, we can handle all the associated paperwork and arrange for removal. Our staff are dedicated to finding the most cost effective solutions that meet our clients’ unique needs.  Safety and regulatory compliance are our priorities and we give employers piece of mind.  Our clients can rest assured that when the call Protect, they are limiting their liability, protecting their assets and ensuring the safety of their employees.