Protect Environmental has Celebrated its 20 Year Anniversary

  Protect has now been providing unequaled emergency response and environmental services for over twenty years.  We have conducted thousands of spill cleanups involving hazardous materials, fuels, chemicals, bio-hazardous wastes, regulated materials, and the notorious Ebola outbreak in Dallas, Texas. Over these past two decades we have developed procedures and protocols that protect lives and save our clients thousands of dollars.  Protect is the most qualified response company in the North Texas region because we consistently train our personnel under all applicable 40 CFR regulations, OSHA safety guidelines, and conduct tabletop exercises and drills to keep our response team sharp and focused.  Protect also has the tools, experience, equipment, manpower, and expertise to provide immediate cost efficient assistance in emergencies. We staff a 24 hour call center with experienced personnel who instantly identify your needs and type of emergency which allows us to dispatch just what is needed to economically provide just the right amount of services.  No “overkill” or “under-prepared” response that adds hours to your cleanup costs.  We have invested in the exact equipment that’s needed in the field along with the communications gear and software that effect a fast, professional and no-nonsense service. Protect, after completing your field operations, provides the research to locate the best disposal services option and quickly dispose of the wastes.  All required regulatory reports are drafted by our administration which includes comprehensive and complete information needed by both the state and local agencies.  We also go further and provides assistance to our client in dealing with the insurance claim procedures. It’s simple, twenty years, thousands of spills, thousands of clients, rated number one by virtually all regional government agencies means something.

For more information on Protect’s ability to provide you excellent, economical service send us an email or give us a call at 817-589-9005.

We want to thank our clients, associates, subcontractors, agencies, and vendors for us become the top flight organization we strive to be. Thank you.