Protect Environmental: An Integral Part of Any Contingency Plan

Accidents happen all over the world every day of the year.  Workplace accidents can have consequences ranging from sprained ankles to multi-million dollar property losses.  If your company hauls cargo, operates heavy machinery, or stores large quantities of chemical products, the risk of HazMat spills should be taken seriously.  Major spills can cripple a company for days or even weeks.  The resulting fines, property losses and litigation can lead to bankruptcy. Having a contingency plan is essential to mitigating the damage done by accidental chemical spills.  These plans can include training employees, installing secondary containments, and strategically placing spill kits near drains or release valves.  Your plan will heavily depend on several site specific variables, but there’s one common element that every contingency plan should have; a dependable emergency response contractor.  Not all environmental companies are the same, and finding the right in the middle of the night when your company needs it can be difficult and costly.  Making numerous phone calls and scrolling through websites means valuable time lost.  By developing a relationship with a contractor who has the equipment and know-how to meet your needs before you ever have a spill, you’ll be able to save time and set the response and cleanup in motion immediately. Protect Environmental has been a leader in the HazMat response industry in North Texas for over twenty years with numerous companies and government agencies relying on our expertise.  Spills don’t observe regular hours or holidays, so our teams are always standing by to tackle your emergency.  A call to our office, day or night, will connect you with an operator that can get your spill response moving forward. There’s no cost to add Protect to your contingency plan, and our contract terms mean that you’re only charged when our teams are sent into action.  Contact our office today and we’d be happy to discuss your needs and let you know more about how we would oversee a cleanup from beginning to end.