Make Protect Environmental a part of your Contingency Planning

There are many types of disasters that can affect the businesses that operate in the North Texas Area.  Fires, floods, tornadoes, roof collapses, vehicle accidents, theft, chemical spills and other industrial accidents can put a sudden halt to operations and cost a company serious money.  In order to minimize losses and protect employees and resources, every company and organization should have a contingency plan.  Some companies that use, store or ship hazardous materials are required by law to have contingency plans to ensure adequate response to chemical releases. Contingency plans lay out guidelines for employees to follow when a natural or man-made emergency occurs.  These guidelines tell employees who to contact, where to go, and what to do when facing these incidents.  Plans let employees know where to shelter in place during inclement weather as well as how and when to evacuate during fires and chemical releases at the facility.  Employees should be familiar with emergency procedures so that when an incident occurs the response saves lives and property. You can’t plan for every single possible detail of an emergency but you can create a robust contingency plan that lists professionals you can contact who know how to handle and adapt to situations as they evolve.  When you include Protect Environmental as a contractor in your contingency planning you can count on us to respond any time with a knowledgeable and well equipped HazMat team.  We’ve been helping our clients with chemical and biohazard spills for almost two decades and when you choose to call Protect Environmental, your emergency is our priority.  Contact us today to make sure your company or organization is prepared for any contingency.