Low Hazard Spills

There are millions of products that are manufactured, transported and utilized all over the world.  Transporting and storing materials in bulk reduces costs and increases a business’s ability to meet customer demands and make profits.  Handling materials in bulk has many benefits, but it also comes with an inherit risk of having a large spill. Releases of flammable, corrosive, or explosive chemicals require a careful executed response with specially trained personnel in order to avoid serious injuries and additional property damage during cleanup operations.  The hazard level is high, and so are the consequences of a mistake. Not all spilled bulk products have such a high hazard level; however.  Most products moving on roadways today aren’t nearly as dangerous as products such as Tetrazine and Picric acid.  Spills of non-hazardous materials like food stuffs, used cooking oil, sewage and slaughter house wastes occur every day.  While these materials seem benign, they can still pose a threat to human health and the environment if not properly managed after a spill.  Restoring impacted areas to their previous condition is also required by state and federal regulations, regardless of whether the spilled material is gasoline or nacho cheese, so cleanup need to be treated seriously. When carriers have an accident in North Texas, our trained teams are there to safely remove the cargo, regardless of what it is, and capture spilled fuel and oil.  Our top priority is to help our clients avoid additional expenses by remediating spills quickly using only the most cost effective solutions.  With more than twenty years of experience in responding to spills of all sorts and sizes, you can count on us to get the job done right.