Know Your Wastes

Wastes materials are often far from the forefront of business operations.  With inventory to track, employees to manage and customers to assist, disposing of waste materials can easily fall to the bottom of the priority list.  Since special wastes require specialized handling and disposal, it is often easier to put them aside with the intention of dealing with them later.  As waste materials accumulate; however, the danger they pose and the cost to dispose of them steadily climbs. Materials can become wastes for numerous reasons.  A chemical product could expire, a process change could render it unusable or it might be left over after a special project is completed.  When it’s known that a material is no longer needed and is officially a waste, it’s important to deal with it as promptly as possible.  If not, waste materials tend to wind up in the back of a warehouse or storage yards only to be forgotten. As time goes by, exposure to climate conditions can make managing wastes more difficult.  Weathering can degrade labels and make identifying wastes difficult.  Exposure to rain and sun can compromise the integrity of the packaging, creating a risk of spills.  When drums rust or plastic pails become brittle, materials can escape even if the container isn’t moved.  Slow leaks can penetrate soil and contaminated large areas over the course of months and years. Eventually, wastes can become unmanageable.  The costs to dispose of large quantities of materials and cleanup contaminated areas can put businesses in financial jeopardy.  To avoid putting the entire business at risk, assign someone to track and manage wastes, and set deadlines for how long wastes can stay on site. Also, it’s prudent to include room in the budget for disposing of waste materials properly.  Cutting corners or using unscrupulous disposal contractors to save money can wind up costing more in the long run.  The waste generator is ultimately responsible for making sure their waste winds up where it belongs, so illegal dumping can result in massive fines and jail time for the generator. When you’re ready to clear out your wastes, Protect Environmental is standing by to lend a hand.  Our trained staff can handle almost all types of hazardous and non-hazardous materials, and we research different options to find the most practical solution to fit your needs.  Waste materials don’t have to drag your business down, so contact our office today and let us know what your waste needs are.