Know your Environmental Responder

Do you have a contingency plan that addresses who your emergency/environmental responder is? Protect Environmental would like to be your responder. Have you called on that responder as a normal contingency drill to make sure the responder is even still in business (817) 589-9005 and can still respond?  You should verify that contact numbers are correct and the company is still in good standings with taxes, state officials and is violation free.  The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) North Region can be reached at (817) 588-5800. Do you have an emergency/non-emergency environmental responder? Follow these simple guidelines to make sure your company is getting the “BEST VALUE” & the “MOST EXPERIENCED AND QUALIFIED” environmental responder!
  • Check into the history of the company and “ACTUAL” years the company has been in business. (Not a compilation of years that employees have been in the field. Employees age or working history has nothing to do with the company’s reputation, financial strength and standings with the state.)
  • Years in business under one name and one Federal Tax ID Number. (numerous name changes or tax numbers shows an inconsistent and unreliable nature of a company) verify this information on the Texas Comptroller of Accounts at Lots of companies go out of business and avoid paying their bills and your bills (project costs, accounts payable, client payables etc) and reopen under another name or division (such as name LLC, name LP, name Inc. etc). 
  • Verify your selected responder with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ), local EPA, Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) and your local City to see which contractor is listed as their contractor for emergency response. This is another way to verify “BEST VALUE, QUALIFICATIONS AND EXPERIENCE”. Environmental Responders go through a detailed and extensive bidding process to show qualifications, experience, references, history and pricing for best value to the state and to meet the requirements set by federal regulations. 
  • Request references of a responder for both State, local and general affiliations and verify those references. 
  • Request “Responder Cards” with emergency/environmental responder contact information to place in all company vehicles, buildings (near fire extinguishers, exit signs, medical kits and contingency documents). Ask that easy, step by step procedures be listed on the “Responder Cards”.
Unfortunately accidents happen, and when they do…know that having a reliable, qualified responder that you have already investigated and established a relationship with, can reduce the stress and pressure. Having easy to locate guides (Responder Cards with informative procedures) to simplify the situation and remember getting pressured in the moment to just call anyone…can cause problems. Big Problems! Not knowing your responder just leaves you open to unreliable, inexperienced and expensive companies. Feeling pressured to call on one group over any others, is the sign to ask which responder has the (City or State) contract and why not call on that provider. No one can pressure a company (aka responsible party, spiller, at fault party) into calling one environmental group over another. Protect Environmental Services, Inc. wants to provide you with the experience, qualifications, references, rate schedule, insurance and most of all peace of mind that you know your situation will be handled in a professional, economical and legally compliant fashion. Protect your company….contact us today!  Tarrant County, Texas – Corporate                   (817) 589-9005 Dallas County, Texas                                                 (972) 554-1700