How Protect Boosts Your Spill Preparedness

Spills, by nature, are unpredictable.  Operations personnel don’t intend to have them.  Still, business owners and safety managers can make plans for what to do if a spill does occur.  There is a list of actions that need to be taken immediately after a spill to minimize damage and liability.  If employees on the ground aren’t prepared to take those actions, the consequences could be crushing. Being prepared for a spill isn’t as difficult as it may seem.  By taking certain preemptive steps, you can make sure that everyone needed to respond to a spill is ready to jump into action when it happens. The first step should be to include Protect Environmental Services in your spill response plan.  Here are some of the advantages of partnering with Protect.
  • Spill Kit Assistance – Pre-assembled spill kits are available for sale from many different distributors.  Kits can vary in size, capacity, and type of material they’re suited for. It’s important to research what is in the kit and consider how useful it would be in your given situations. If you store corrosives onsite, you would want a kit geared toward cleanup of acids or bases.  A kit on a large vehicle should have a containment pool that can slide under damaged fuel tanks to capture leaking fuel.  You can also build your own custom kits to suit your needs.  When you designate Protect Environmental as your emergency response contractor, we can help you figure out what your kits need and where to place them for maximum effect.
  • Spill Reporting – In Texas, spills over certain sizes of specific materials need to be reported to the State’s environmental regulatory agency, the TCEQ.  Failing to meet these reporting requirements can result in severe fines.  Knowing when and how to report can be complicated, but Protect Environmental offers comprehensive spill reporting to our clients.  We make the initial call and send the properly formatted final report within the State’s specified time-frame, removing that burden from companies that just want to get back to business as usual after a spill.
  • Around the Clock Support – Leaks and other accidents don’t keep regular hours.  That’s why Protect responds to emergency calls any hour of the day, any day of the year. When you partner with experts who are equipped to provide assistance when you need it, no matter when that is, you enhance your preparedness and minimize your spill-related costs and liability in the long run.
  • Qualified Cleanup Professionals – The staff at Protect are dedicated to getting the job done right.  That means that our teams have the training and know-how to respond to your spill in the safest, most cost efficient way possible.  We manage the cleanup operation from start to finish, and keep you informed each step of the way.  When it becomes necessary to call in additional resources from third parties, Protect only works with vendors who have the same commitment to safety and compliance that we do. 
  • Fair and Transparent Invoicing – The moment an emergency call comes into Protect, the paper trail begins.  We document all personnel, equipment, and other resources as they are utilized during a spill response.  Photographs are taken and logs are kept.  When your itemized invoice arrives, you can trust that all expenses incurred during the response are legitimate and fair.
For these reasons and more, you can count on us to help your company overcome the obstacles that HazMat spills put up, such as fines for non-compliance with cleanup and reporting regulations. Let your employees know who to call when disaster strikes.  Stickers and cards with Protect Environmental’s contact information are available upon request.