How COVID-19 is Affecting 5 Business Industries and How Coronavirus Remediation Can Help Them Stay Afloat

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COVID-19 has changed the lives of almost, if not all, people in the United States. The virus has disrupted the operating systems of most businesses – cutting costs and personnel, plus changing their standard operating procedures. While businesses are staying resilient over this pandemic, I believe that we cannot return to our old ways probably within the next year. The best thing to do now is… coronavirus remediation. 

But what about a Coronavirus Vaccine? 

Yes, pharmaceutical companies are developing a vaccine for COVID-19. However, most of you don’t probably know that these companies have been trying to develop a Coronavirus vaccine since the 1930s. During the 1930s, the coronavirus family of viruses was first discovered and identified. Since then, there has been no successful vaccine or antiviral drug that was developed to prevent or treat Coronavirus infections.  

Still, bio experts are positive that with today’s science and technology, chances are higher for the development of vaccine. Yet, also according to their expert opinion, if a successful vaccine were discovered within the year or the next, this vaccine would be the kind that would need a booster dose. 

The Problem: How COVID-19 is Affecting Industries 

Just as I said above, industries won’t be able to return to the “old ways” within the year or the next. Especially for businesses that thrive on getting people togetherThe best thing to do now is to remediate and prevent the Coronavirus from entering your place of business.  

But first, let’s look at the problem. How does the Coronavirus disease affect these five industries and how are they adjusting their business to adapt to the COVID-19 pandemic:  

Sales Industry 

With the observation of physical distancing and no contact guidelines, handshakes are no longer allowed. Plus, with the standard regulation of mask-wearing, facial expressions are limited to the eyes. These limitations hinder the capacity of salespeople to network and close deals. 

Still, there are unconventional ways to maximize the productivity of your sales business. For example, most businesses are already adopting a digital selling strategy to find their prospects and build relationships. Ultimately, this new strategy is called “Social Selling” and is done in digital platforms such as LinkedIn. 

Food & Beverage Industry 

Dining-in is limited to 50% capacity and guests are seated one-seat apart. The need for sanitation for every turn-over of tables for new guests habecome a standard operating procedure. Plus, before guests enter the restaurant, their temperatures are checked, and they have to fill out a health declaration form for contact tracing. These new standard operating procedures limit the risk of Coronavirus contamination. 

Still, restaurants and bars have one of the highest percentages of Coronavirus contamination. Therefore, some people are adamant about not dining-in for their meals. However, with the loss of dine-in customers, delivery rates have surged so people can enjoy the food at the comfort of their homes. Restaurants are utilizing the situation by leveling-up their food delivery and sanitation process.  

Sports Industry 

Major leagues such as the NFL, NBA, and MLB are pushing through with their annual seasons. These franchises take in so much revenue, that canceling them would be a huge economic loss.  

The MLB is set to resume today, July 23rd – previously postponing the season from starting last July 3rd due to a Coronavirus threat. The season is resuming with a long list of safety precautionary rules. On the other hand, the NBA is set to resume on July 30th without a live audience.   

The NFL just recently announced that it will give players the discretion whether to play this season as the sport is an extreme contact sport. It hasn’t been decided if the league will continue with a live audience or 50% audience. 

Hotel & Tourism Industry 

The hotel and tourism industry are one of the biggest industries that were hit by COVID-19 pandemic. Airlines were suspended and borders were closed for a time, which resulted in a loss of revenue. 

Hotels also stopped operations for a while, which affected their income. Even today, others are recommending using Airbnb instead of checking-in a hotel because Airbnb homes are more private. Thus, more socially distant with other people.  

Six Flags of Texas in Arlington, which is just around the corner from us just recently re-opened and is observing safety protocols such as temperature screening, dedicated hand washing and sanitizing stations and cleaning teams, and strict observance of social distancing. All guests and employees are also required to wear standard face masks.


The Solution: Coronavirus Remediation  

The best way for businesses to face this pandemic challenge is to prepare your place of business through Coronavirus Remediation done by a reputable and credible environmental services provider. Especially if you’re in the industry where people get together, daily general sanitation just won’t cut it. 

Yes, you have preventive measures – regulation of wearing face masks, temperature checks upon entry, health declaration forms, and sanitation of furniture, etc. BUT. What if a positive COVID-19 patient enters your place of business somehow?  

Coronavirus remediation involves professional cleaning, decontamination, and disposal of virus-infected sites and materials. It should only be done by an environmental remediation service company that has the experience and proper certifications to do the job.  

Resiliency in Today’s Time 

The Coronavirus is here. It’s real and it doesn’t choose who to infect. While some people who get it are asymptomatic or some catch it just like it was the common cold, it can be fatal for people who have underlying medical issues. Keeping your place protected from the Coronavirus should be your top priority.  

Trust ONLY reputable, experienced, and certified environmental   remediation service company. Contact Protect Environmental Services, Inc today.