Hillsboro Texas Environmental Cleanup

Hazmat Cleanup

Protect Environmental Services has done a lot of work in Hillsboro, Texas, for over 25 years. Our team provides the best hazmat clean up oil spill cleanup, hazardous material spill cleanup, environmental remediation, confined space, and other hazmat cleanup services. Call (817) 589-9005 for Emergency Services or set up a consultation. Our knowledgeable experts provide Hill County hazardous waste cleanup. The Protect Environmental team does a lot of the spill cleanup in Hillsboro because of our exemplary track record.

Protect Environmental provides free estimates for any of our non-emergency services including hazardous waste disposal in all of Hill County. Protect’s hazmat team consists of industry professionals who undergo extensive training as defined by law. The hazmat training learned by our technicians ensures the safety of your business and our employees by quickly and effectively containing hazardous spills and effectively returning properties to their original conditions.

Hazardous materials are substances that are known to be harmful, not only to one’s health but also to our environment. Exposure to hazardous materials such as medical waste, biohazard waste, or dangerous chemicals can put a person’s health in danger if not handled properly. Protect Environmental Services’ professional hazmat teams are relied on for containing hazardous spills, leaking drums, toxic waste cleanup, medical waste disposal, confined space rescue operations, environmental remediation services, crime scene cleanup, condemned property cleanup, as well as biomedical cleanup.

Our teams are available anytime to immediately contain and conduct Oil spill clean up, Fuel spill clean up, biomedical hazardous waste clean up, or blood-borne pathogen hazardous materials clean up. Contact us anytime if you have questions about our services.

Environmental Remediation

Protect’s experienced team brings its extensive training and talent to each “emergency or non-emergency” project to mitigate and minimize the impact on the surrounding environment, when attending to all types of environmental remediation. Protect Environmental is cost-effective, responsive, experienced, and completes its projects on time and within budget restraints. Learn more about our Environmental Remediation Services.

Our team has been providing Hillsboro remediation services for over 25 years because we have a commitment to the area. Meet 3 of our team members.

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Protect Internal Accounting

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Emergency Cleanup Services Provided In Hillsboro, Texas

  • Hazardous Waste Cleanup
  • Hazmat Cleanup
  • Gas Spill Cleanup
  • Crime Scene Cleanup
  • Biohazard Cleanup
  • Hoarding Cleanup
  • Water Damage Cleanup Service
  • Toxic Waste Cleanup
  • Oil Spills
  • Tank Cleaning
  • Confined Space
  • Disaster Response
  • Hazardous Chemical Spills
  • Fuel Spill Clean Up
  • Diesel Clean Up
  • Fuel Tank Cleaning
  • Medical Waste Disposal

Emergency Spill Response

Protect Environmental is ready to help the people and businesses of Hillsboro 24-7 every day of the year. Our emergency spill response team can be at your site in Hillsboro quickly. The response team also will have certified, experienced, and highly-skilled professionals.

Protect Environmental is the Emergency Response contractor for the Texas Department of Transportation in districts across the state. Protect is also a ChemNet ChemTrec Responder, the contracted responder for many Texas cities, counties, and a variety of major pipeline, trucking, chemical, and high-tech manufacturing and industrial clients. Learn more…

Spill CleanupHillsboro Spill Clean up

Environmental spills on interstates and highways are getting a huge price shock. They are finding out that tow truck companies are taking advantage of their spill cleanup mobilization services. The tow truck companies are partially owned by these hazmat companies or vice versa. They are responding to fuel spill accidents without being called and price-gouging customers. Some of the Tow Truck companies are not authorized by the TCEQ to perform Hazmat Clean up services. Do not become a victim of these kinds of situations, do your homework and always be prepared to call the best environmental services company.

Learn how you could protect yourself from misleading spill companies.

Confined SpaceHillsboro Confined Space Cleanup

Protect’s hazmat team is fully trained for confined spaces for rescue and tank cleaning. From the smallest tank cleaning to the most dangerous confined space rescues, Protect Environmental Services has an outstanding record of safety.

A confined space can be found in almost any workplace, building, or even in a tanker truck. Vats, tanks, utility vaults, manholes, underground sewers, silos, tunnels, hoppers, are considered Confined Spaces. Additionally, pipelines, ditches, and large trenches may be examples of confined spaces due to limited access or egress. Limited ingress and egress access complicate the safety requirements for confined space remediation and repair crews. Attempting a confined space rescue by untrained personnel can be life-threatening and death could occur. Why take a risk if Protect’s hazmat teams could handle all kinds of confined space rescues that your business may need? 

Hazardous Materials Hillsboro Hazardous Materials

When categorizing hazardous waste, the EPA breaks it down by four characteristics:

i. ignitability, or something flammable

ii. corrosivity, or something that can rust or decompose

iii. reactivity, or something explosive

iv. toxicity, or something poisonous

For over 25 years in service, our technicians have conducted thousands of hazardous materials clean up. Our dependable, fully trained and OSHA certified rapid response crews can respond to virtually any hazardous and non-hazardous incident, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We support companies dealing with chemical spills, fuel spills, trucking accidents, and more.

We have compiled a list of terms and definitions to assist you in understanding the environmental services industry definitions, concepts, and terminology. These terms are necessary to understand when it comes to hazardous materials clean up.

Learn more about our Hazardous Waste Disposal and Management services in Hillsboro.