Environmental Services at Healthcare Facilities

At Protect Environmental, we understand that each healthcare facility is unique and has its own set of challenges.  Each facility treats different patients and will have environmental needs related to the care it provides.  Our goal is to reduce our clients’ liability and risk by providing comprehensive waste disposal, decontamination and emergency response services.  We’ve offered our expertise and reliable services to clients since 1996, and during that time have helped numerous healthcare facilities ranging from small clinics to large hospitals.

Our staff can assess your disposal needs and find solutions that best fit your schedule and budget. Whether you have bio-hazardous waste, pharmaceuticals, RCRA hazardous waste, or universal wastes such as light bulbs and paint, Protect Environmental can find a disposal facility and arrange pickup scheduling.  All the wastes handled by Protect Environmental are properly packaged and transported to licensed facilities, so you can be assured that your wastes won’t pose an environmental hazard.  These wastes will also have the proper documentation; keeping your facility in compliance with EPA and TCEQ regulations.

In addition to waste disposal, Protect can dispatch teams to perform regular cleaning and decontamination operations.  We pressure-wash sidewalks and parking lots, and can complete thorough cleanings of interior surfaces with disinfectants.  These periodic cleanings keep animal droppings and debris from being tracked inside your building and prevent the spread of diseases among patients and employees.

Protect Environmental Service Corona Virus BiohazardIf there is ever an emergency at your facility, our teams are available 24/7 for emergency chemical spill or bio-hazard cleanups.  Protect’s technicians are trained to meet all OSHA and EPA standards while containing and removing spilled materials.  We handle disposal of any waste materials generated, so your employees are able to get back to caring for patients while minimizing their risk of exposure to harmful vapors, hazardous chemicals and infectious agents.

One call to our office can take care of multiple environmental needs and save you time while saving your facility money.  We’re standing by to help, so feel free to contact us today to find out what solutions we can offer.