Emergencies Happen

Emergencies Happen - 2

What constitutes an emergency?  Managers may find themselves asking this question at one point or another in their careers.  Even though the busy hum of day-to-day operations might make it difficult to plan for ‘what if’ scenarios, emergency situations should be taken seriously.  Employers who strive for accident free workplaces through intensive training and maintenance still encounter them from time to time.  Weather events, equipment failures, vehicle wrecks, and other unforeseen events can still happen despite the best preparations.

When an accident does strike, it’s important to be able to take immediate action to prevent further damage and injuries.  A comprehensive emergency response plan gives employers an edge.  Employees will know beforehand how to respond to a given situation and have an easier time getting it under control.

Sometimes recovering from an accident requires resources that an organization doesn’t have.  Spills of chemicals or bio-hazardous substances require specialized training and gear to handle properly.  That’s where a company like Protect Environmental enters the scene.  Our highly trained teams are on call every hour of every day.  They can be dispatched to your site to contain and remove spilled materials when the risk to your employees is too high.

After the cleanup is completed, our team disposes of any waste materials generated.  Federal and state regulations require proper handling, transportation, and documentation of waste disposal activities.  Our professional staff ensure that wastes are received at licensed disposal facilities to keep your company in compliance with strict laws and further reduce your liability.

Don’t let a hazardous material spill cost your business valuable time and money: plan for whatever surprises the future holds.  You can make Protect part of your emergency response plan at no cost, so feel free to contact our office today.  We hope you’ll never have to call us for an emergency, but if you do, we’ll be ready to help you through it.