Ebola Decontamination Project

On Oct. 12, 2014, Protect Environmental Services Inc. was notified by the State of Texas (TCEQ) to take over the management of the Ebola Hazardous Materials cleanup operations at the homes of Nina Pham and Amber Vinson, the brave nurses who tended to Ebola patient Thomas Erik Duncan. Protect successfully orchestrated and performed the cleanup operations under the watchful eye of multiple state and federal agencies. There were no exposures or injuries. The waste was properly contained and has been incinerated. There is no longer any danger to the public associated with these two locations. “The practices and procedures associated with biological hazard decontamination operations surrounding the Ebola Virus must be carried out with the strictest caution and safety,” said Richard Cameron, General Manager of Protect. “All protocols must be followed with military-type precision to successfully execute this type of operation.” The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality selected Protect Environmental as their emergency response contractor after a review of qualifications and experience. There is an existing contract for circumstances like these. Cameron further stated, “Years of experience, complete focus, and meticulous attention to detail are required when handling these types of potential life or death operations. Any mistake in protection or decontamination procedures could endanger the lives of the workers and the public. The TCEQ, the Governor’s Task Force, the CDC, all Dallas County and City agencies, Dallas Fire and Rescue, the Dallas County Sheriff’s Office, and Dallas PD should be greatly commended on their tireless handling of the situation. We are proud to have partnered with them on this operation and their effort should reinforce faith in their state of readiness and ability to respond.” After the projects were completed, Protect Environmental complied a report outlining the procedures followed during the decontamination process and submitted it to the TCEQ.  The report is available below. Ebola Virus Response – Protect Environmental Services Protect would also like to extend its gratitude to Watchtower Defense of San Antonio, Texas, and A- Clean Environment of Wilson, Oklahoma, who also participated in this response. For additional information on the State’s Ebola response and the recommendations from the Texas Task Force on Infectious Disease Preparedness and Response Click Here.