Spills and accidents happen at any moment so we are ready to help in Denton every moment of every day. Contact us if you have an emergency at any time. We have been helping the people of Denton for over 25 years so you know we are ready.


Coronavirus Decontamination

Contact the Protect Team 24-7 to ask about our Coronavirus (COVID-19) & other bio-hazard decontamination services at any time using 817-589-9005


Spill Waste Management

Protect Environmental Services provides spill waste management in Denton.

Emergency spill response in Denton, Texas

The Protect team is ready for any emergency 24-7. Our fast response team can get to anywhere in Denton quickly. The crew will also be highly-trained, experienced, and equipped with world-class equipment. Fuel, Oil, Chemicals, and many other liquids can wreak havoc quickly if they are spilled. Mitigation needs to be done right away and it needs to be done quickly so you can keep costs as low as possible. Protect Environmental Services is popular in the Denton area due to our cost-effective approach.  Give us a call right away if you are dealing with a chemical spill at 817-589-9500

Check out these chemical spill FAQ.