Customer Service in a Crisis

An important part of doing business is building relationships with partners that you can trust.  These relationships allow businesses to adapt to new regulations, expand into new markets and persevere during times of disaster.  When a disaster or accident affects a company’s operations, certain resources need to be deployed quickly to manage the incident so that critical operations can resume.  Since it is not cost effective for many companies to purchase and maintain these resources themselves, they partner with Protect Environmental to respond to chemical spills, fuel spills, biohazard incidents and other special HazMat situations. Protect Environmental has been responding to emergency calls for eighteen years.  Our professional and dedicated personnel are prepared to handle emergencies at any time during any day of the year.  Their technical knowledge and experience allow them to tailor containment and cleanup strategies to a specific situation.  Protect teams also follow a set of strict safety requirements that have prevented any serious injuries from occurring during our emergency operations. Companies that choose to partner with Protect Environmental know that they are building a team that displays confidence and competence.  Our clients get dependable emergency response service during a crisis that helps them protect employee health and minimize lost profits.  In return they give us their trust and loyalty.  That’s why state agencies such as TXDOT and the TCEQ, along with municipal governments and companies all over North Texas have already put Protect Environmental in their corner. Every good working relationship starts somewhere so feel free to contact us.  Whether you are interested in getting an emergency response contract in place or if you just want to ask a few questions about how Protect Environmental can help your business or organization, we are eager to hear from you.