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Greenwashing vs. Green Marketing – What is Your Company Doing?

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You’ve probably seen environmental activists pushing for brands to be more eco-conscious and use sustainable products. While there are many non-believers of climate change, the World Economic Forum reported that the top five economic risks for 2020 are all environmental – and one economic risk is climate action failure. Many companies today are switching to using […]

Washing Your Hands: When to Do it, How to Do it, and Why You Need to Do it

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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, washing your hands is the best way to protect yourself from getting sick. Especially now that we are in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, keeping your hands clean is of top-most priority to help prevent the virus from spreading. Why You Need to Wash Your Hands: […]

Emergency Planning for Small Businesses

Safety in the workplace is a top priority for most employers, especially for organizations that manufacture, transport, or store chemical products.  Large corporations typically have personnel whose jobs are dedicated to safety issues such as preparing for chemical spills and other accidents in the workplace.  Small employers; however, may not have the budget to hire […]

Training: the Key to Safety

It’s reasonable to believe that most workplace deaths and injuries could have been prevented.  There are numerous safety regulations set in place by the Occupational Health and Safety Administration, the federal agency charged with overseeing workplace safety, but there were still 4,585 workplace fatalities in 2013*. Protect Environmental knows that companies may not be able […]

Health and Safety during Cold Weather Activity

It is important for companies that perform work outdoors to plan for and educate their employees on safety policies regarding winter weather.  Protect Environmental conducts spill cleanup operations year-round so our employees are trained and equipped to prevent serious injury during the coldest months of the year.  When unprepared employees are exposed to cold weather […]