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Hazardous Chemical Spills

Chemical Spill Cleanup and Reporting

When a spill of a chemical product occurs, the responsible party must make sure certain actions are completed in order to meet their legal obligations.  Regardless of whether a spilled chemical is on private property, it must be reported to certain regulatory entities if the spilled amount exceeds certain limits.  These limits are referred to […]

Federal Agencies Involved in HazMat Response

There are millions of chemical products that are used for industrial and consumer applications.  These chemicals are used all across the country in processes that range from growing apples to manufacturing zippers.  These products play a crucial role in our economy but misuse or mishandling of chemicals can lead to severe consequences for human health […]

Overview of Spill Regulations in the state of Texas

No matter what companies try to do to avoid chemical spills, unforeseen factors will lead to accidental releases of chemicals or materials into the environment.  The Federal and state governments have many rules regarding how spills of hazardous and non-hazardous materials should be handled.  In the state of Texas, the regulations for spills and required […]