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Fuel Spill Clean Up

Reliability and Transparency; the Cornerstones of Protect’s Services

If you are in the transportation and delivery business, you need to be prepared for a fuel spill or pollution event.  Hopefully it will never occur; however, if it does you need to protect yourself from predatory practices from dishonest spill providers. Protect Environmental has been asked to review invoices from these types of companies […]

Petroleum Cleanup in Water, Soil and Roadways

How to Contain Petroleum Spills Over the past 18 years, Protect Environmental has helped companies, government entities and non-profit organizations with the cleanup of fuels, oils and other petroleum products spilled during accidents or wrecks.Spills of petroleum products occur across Texas every day and the location greatly affects how the cleanup is conducted.Petroleum spills broadly […]

What Happens When You Call Protect Environmental for an Emergency

Tractor trailers crisscross the country day and night carrying every product imaginable.  The companies that own and operate these trucks strive for excellent safety records but accidents can happen on the roadways at any time.  Fuel, engine fluids and the cargo being transported can all be spilled when one of these trucks is involved in […]

Emergency Response and Spill Reporting

At Protect Environmental, we know that when a spill of regulated material occurs, it is important to take the proper reporting actions immediately to ensure compliance with state and federal laws.  The person or company that is deemed the responsible party is not only liable for cleanup costs but can also have hefty fines levied […]