Being Ready for Emergencies

Emergencies are commonly defined as unexpected, potentially dangerous situations that requires immediate action.  The spectrum of emergencies for organizations is very broad and can range from an employee cutting their hand to a catastrophic explosion or chemical spill.  Many companies are involved in round-the-clock operations so logistics hubs, manufacturing plants and air, sea and land transporters may be running at full speed day or night.  While this means they can be more productive, it also means that they can have accidents at any time. A majority of emergencies that occur such as small fires, employee injuries and vehicle wrecks are handled by municipal fire, police and ambulance services.  On occasion; however, the location and the scope of the incident requires the involvement of a Hazardous Materials teams.  Some municipalities and large corporations maintain their own HazMat teams but in general companies and local governments rely on experienced response contractors during chemical releases or biological hazard events.004 Each emergency situation is unique and in order to prevent the loss of life or property damage during a serious incident, multiple private and public agencies along with representatives from the responsible party may be on scene.  These agencies will coordinate their efforts, share information and deploy resources during the response.  As a HazMat contractor, Protect Environmental has served the needs of our clients while working closely with TXDOT, Police Departments and Fire Departments on a daily basis for almost twenty years.  During larger events, we’ve coordinated with the EPA, TCEQ and CDC to ensure the safety of the public and the environment. Speed is a crucial component of an effective response so the best time to make the call to Protect Environmental is before your company needs HazMat services during an emergency.  By contacting our office and getting a service agreement in place now, you can prevent any delays when a spill has occurred and time is of the essence.  It doesn’t cost anything to make Protect Environmental a part of your company’s emergency preparedness plan so calling or emailing today will only save your company money if the unexpected does occur.