An Environmental Partner with Resolve

An Environmental Partner with ResolveFor many people the New Year brings resolutions to make positive changes.  Companies and nonprofits that have special waste disposal and emergency response needs can resolve to make 2015 the year that they build a relationship with Protect Environmental Services.  Protect’s staff can provide pricing tailored for your organization’s specific disposal needs and our emergency response teams can mobilize at any time to contain and remove spilled chemicals, fuels or even food products. Protect Environmental was founded in 1996 and its only focus since then has been conducting HazMat cleanup and disposal operations.  The management staff are veterans of the HazMat and emergency response field whose experience and knowledge allow Protect to meet the strict qualifications needed to be an emergency response contractor for the State of Texas.  This expertise is one of the many reasons the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality relied on Protect to manage decontamination efforts in the Ebola patients’ residences in October 2014. When an emergency of any type strikes, employees need a plan to follow in order to keep property damage and cleanup costs at a minimum.  Your organization will be taking a step toward improving its resiliency by including Protect Environmental in your contingency planning and having a signed service agreement in place before an incident.  There are no fees to sign a service agreement with Protect and our clients only pay for emergency or disposal services utilized on their behalf. Give our office a call or email today and let Protect Environmental help you through whatever 2015 has in store.