OSHA Confined Space Certified Remediation, Repair, and Rescue Operations

Confined spaces pose limited ingress and egress access, which complicates access by remediation crews or repair crews. Confined spaces can be unlit or poorly lit and often contain hazardous materials in liquid or gas form, which can be harmful or fatal to humans. As such, only trained professionals should attempt remediation or rescue operations in confined spaces. Protect Environmental’s Confined Spaces Entry and Rescue teams are highly trained in conducting lock out/tag out operations, atmospheric testing, and compliance with OSHA guidelines. Our OSHA certified experience gives us the ability to provide emergency and non-emergency confined space remediation services and rescue, safely and quickly.

  • Impacted Storm Drains
  • Crawl Space Remediation
  • Container Clean Out
  • Industrial Duct Cleaning
  • Oil/Water Separator Clean Out
  • Above Ground Tanks
  • Below Ground Tanks
  • Tank Cleaning
  • Tank Sludge Removal
  • Tank Rinse Outs
  • Pit Clean Outs
  • Chemical Vat Cleaning
  • Stand-by Rescue Operations
  • Confined Mechanical Repair

Protect’s Confined Space Operations and Rescue team is committed to practicing the latest rescue techniques in confined space rescue and utilizes the proper equipment to conduct rescue missions in the safest manner possible.

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